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Trumpet Popper

tied by Inconnu
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Hook: large popper style hook

Tail: Light barred grizzly

Body: Red flared deer hair

Trumpet: Red deer hair epoxied over a magic cup

eyes: Dome stick-on eyes

Thread: Red 3/0
Tying Instructions: I managed to buy some of those Petitjean Magic Cups a while back. I used them on some other patterns in a more traditional way, but I wanted to try something else with them. I had one left and thought I would give an idea a try.
This is a prototype and I apologize for how rough it looks. I only had the one so I didn't get a chance to smooth out the details. There are no more in town so I have to wait until I chance on some more. I am posting it here to see if anyone else has been trying the same thing or if you have any ideas on improving it....frankly I have lots, it is ugly. I also thought about cutting out foam to fit around it and should I find some more I may give it a shot.
The flare is created by tying in a cup, then flaring deer hair, tips forward, over the cup. I coat the flare with alot of Hard as Nails, then as it starts to set I stroke the hair forward over the cup to give it the shape. Next I wrap a few wraps of thread over the flare to hold the deer hair in place and let it dry.
After the second coat I cut the thread off and trim the deer to meet the edge of the cup. The rest is about six coats of clear and 4 coats of red polish.
For the body I simply fill in the gap between the tail and trumpet with flared deer hair
I think the next one will be a bit better as I have an idea of what to do with it. I am thinking it will make alot of noise on the surface when retrieved.
Presentation Tips: It is meant to be presented as a popper, short sharp strips should create a loud gurgle if the trumpet front works as it should.

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