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Grizzly Mosquito Emerger

tied by Carl
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Alaska,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: Sz 12-18 - I use Tiemco 100s as they are light and I have a bunch of them, but any dry or nymph hook will do.
Thread: Black Uni 8/0
Tail: Grizzly hackle fibers
Body: Stripped grizzly hackle long - 3"+
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Wing: Grizzy hackle tips or fibers
Tying Instructions: 1 - Attach 8/0 thread as usual
2 - Tie in small bunch of grizzy hackle fibers for tail.
3 - Strip all fibers off of a long grizzy hackle, leaving only the stem.
4 - Tie in thin end of grizzly stem at start of tail.
5 - Using 8/0 thread, create a slightly tapered body to ~2/3 of body length (the hackle stem is naturally tapered, so you don't need too much taper).
6 - Carefully wrap grizzly hackle stem over tapered body. Secure once you've nearly reached the end of the tapered section.
7 - Tie in piece of peacock herl, and build up with thread until you have a consistent platform for the herl. I usually overwrap the grizzly stem with the herl about one wrap worth.
8 - Wrap herl forward 4-6 times and secure.
9 - Tie in two small grizzly tips (or fibers) pointing backwards. The tips are optional - I have had the same luck fishing them either way.
10 - Wrap head and whip finish. Apply lacquer to head.
11 - Apply at least 3 coats of thin lacquer, or 2 coats of thick, to body. Epoxy works well too, and will make the fly nearly indestructable.

Presentation Tips: On stillwater I've had good luck with this fly either dabbing the peacock herl with floatant and fishing it in the film with a very slow retrieve, or fully submerged retrieving at medium speed. In clearwater streams with a sinking line and a dead drift, it's deadly!

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Grizzly Mosquito Emerger

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