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Mylar Minnow

Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hook: Can be adapted for intended baitfish imitation. I prefer 2x Long heavy streamer hooks.
Size G White Thread
Mylar Tubing (holographic is my choice)
Cylindrical Foam for a floating fly
Large dia. lead and cheap dubbing to build underbody for sinking fly
White Marabou
Assorted Sharpie Permanent Markers
Doll Eyes
Hot Glue Gun

Tying Instructions: 1. Lay down a thread base.
2. Tie in Marabou at hook bend.
3. Either wrap lead and underbody dubbing material to the body of the fly to build up bulk or cut some cylindrical tubing at an angle on each end to the length of the hook and lash that down VERY well.
4. Tie in mylar tubing (a little longer than the hook) with hook eye inside of it in front of the foam/weighted body.
5. Bring thread back to base of the marabou tail.
6. Work the mylar tubing over the body all the way so there is a little left frayed beyond the base of the tail.
7. Tie down mylar and whip finish at the base of the tail (long reach whip finisher is nice).
8. Color the body however you want with the markers.
9. With hot glue, attach the eyes on each side of the body directly behind the hook point.
10. After giving the marker ample time to dry, apply epoxy over the body, making sure to completely cover the eye area.
Presentation Tips: The Floating version can be used as a popper or a fly version of a jerkbait. You can also add weight in front of it and fish it on the swing. The scoop formed by the oversized doll eyes creates an erratic wobble. The sinking version can be used like most other streamer patterns.

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