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tied by Mark Gustavson
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Striped Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Bunker,
Material List:
Hook: Eagle Claw 254 #3/0
Thread: White
Tail:50/50 blend of chartreuse and light blue bucktail blended and surround the shank under 2 pieces of bronze flash
Body: Copper braid to just short of half way up the shank
Collar 1: Lemon yellow marabou wound 4x
Collar 2: 2 piece of gold flash 2 pieces of silver flash and 2 pieces of fl. yellow flashabou
Collar 3: White schlappen double and palmered
Collar 4: Light olive marabou wound 4x
Collar 5: White schlappen 2 turns
Wing: Violet saddle
Tying Instructions: This pattern is based on the Alaskabou with a few modifications. A tail of bucktail is added and a feather wing of one saddle tied in flat. The second collar is made of schalappen rather than marabou to keep the following marabou collar from flattening out. (The bucktail tail also prevents the first marabou collar from flatten as well.)
As with the Alaskabou, the beauty of this pattern is the blending of colors.
Presentation Tips: Swing it, drift it

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