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disco minnow

tied by JSzymczyk
Fly Type: Streamers,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
hook: basically any hook, about #6 to #2/0
Disco Yarn
3D Eyes
Goop Cement
strong thread, minimum 3/0 up to Kevlar or GSP
waterproof permanent markers
lead wire to weight if desired
Tying Instructions: pattern can be tied with a furled disco tail, as shown in the two larger streamers in the photo, or tied with just a doubled/twisted chenille made from disco yarn as shown in the two smaller examples.

furled tail: select a (approx) 18 inch length of disco yarn. double it, and twist it into a tight chenille with a dubbing twister. It helps to use a fine comb to comb out the fibers so they don't get caught in the twist. Let the chenille go slack and spin back on itself to form a closed loop at one end- a length of doubled, twisted chenilled that can be tied in as a tail any length desired.

Body: tie in a doubled length of disco yarn at base of tail(if you tied in a tail) or at the bend of the hook. Use a dubbing twister to make a tight chenille. Wind the chenille forward in tightly touching wraps, while keeping the fibers stroked back towards the rear. I find it helpful to wet the fibers with spit or water. Wind to the eye of the hook, secure tightly with thread, and whip finish.

Use a fine comb and comb out the entire streamer, front to back, giving it a smoother shilhouette. Comb the top and bottom of the entire fly out at 90 degrees to the hook shank in preparation for tinting with permanent markers and gluing on the eyes.

Give the streamer whatever color accents you desire with permanent markers, if any, and let it dry. Keeping the fibers combed out flat, use Goop to glue on a matching set of 3D eyes. When the goop is dry, comb back the fibers into a general baitfish shape.

The fly will slim down quite a bit in the water as it is stripped to give action. It does not hold as much water as bunny strip flies and is easier to cast. Great action in the water.

Colors, accents, and sizes are unlimited.

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