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Pinky Appetizer

tied by Jimmy Aw
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook : Daiichi / Mustad Saltwater, Long Shank, Size 4 & 2.
Thread : Danville 6/0 Flat, Prewaxed, Hot Pink
Head : Wrapped pink hackle collar, Tie & epoxy in a pair of bead chain eyes,
Tail : Pearl Mylar tube, unweave to replace Pearl Flashabou.
Wing : Yellow saltwater bass cape feather, tied in an outwardly inverting instead of “palming” inwardly.
Body : Yellow Marabou overlay on the fly’s body.

Tying Instructions:
1) Tie approximately 5mm bed of thread starting at ¾ length of the hook shank away from hook eye.
2) Tie in a short length of Pearl Mylar Tube as the tail to replace Pearl Flashabou. (After completion of fly, use a needle to unweave the mylar tubing.
3) Get about 4 to 6 identical size flank hackles from the cape or hen hackle, tie same quantity equally on both side of the hook. (Feathers tied invert outwards.) Overlay the fly’s body with clumps of marabou for added action.
4) Tie in the pink hackle collar & bead chain eyes.
5) Wrap more of the thread to form a head for the fly. Finish the fly by a thin layer of Epoxy on the head.
(After completion of fly, use a needle to unweave the mylar tubing at the tail.

Presentation Tips: This fly should be worked slow with a jig’s action. With a shorter tail behind the hook gap, I have too tied the hackles to face outwards for better action. Do short irregular strips of 6-10. Strip and pause for a second or two before continuing.

My main intent with this fly is for conditions with “Shy” barramundi. But don’t limit it for just a barramundi only. Try it on all predatory fish that would possibly wallop a jigging action pattern.

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