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Pike Tandem

tied by deeky
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hooks: Front - 2/0 Stinger Style, Rear - 1/0 Stinger Style
Thread: Danville Flymaster, 140 Denier black
Rear Hook: Two red hackles, splayed out, a few strands of white pearl Krystal Flash, palmered black marabou, palmered black saddle hackle.
Tandem Connection: Cortland Toothy Critter doubled, 10 lbs. with red 8/0 seed beads
Front Hook: Loop of 20 lbs. hard mono, black magnum zonker, two red hackles splayed out, a few strands white pearl Krystal Flash, palmered olive and black marabou zonkers.
Tying Instructions: Start with the rear hook. Tie in the hackles, flash, and palmer first the marabou and then the saddle hackle. Whip, snip, and cement.

Put the front hook in the vice. Thread wire through the eye of the rear hook and the correct number of beads (depending on the length of your gap between hooks) over both strands of wire, lash to the shank, and glue.

For the magnum zonker, I wasn't as concerned about the full motion of the strip as I was keeping it in place and not fouling on the trailer. So pierce side-by-side holes in the strip and thread the mono up from the bottom, and then down through the second hole. Then fold the mono in half, putting the strip at the top of the loop. Tie in the mono loop at the back of the shank and then tie in the magnum zonker at a single point at the bend of the hook. Fold the zonker back and out of the way. Tie in the two red hackles and flash. Tie in the olive and black zonker strips and palmer the body on the shank, with the black ending in front and tie off. Pull the magnum zonker from the tail forward over the palmered strips and tie down at the front. Whip, snip, and cement.

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