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Boa Boa

tied by dsaavedra
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: ,
Material List:
two large stinger hooks
black thread
2' of black boa yarn
black craft foam
12lb mono
Tying Instructions: this is a lengthy fly to tie (pun intended =] ). begin by making a teardrop/arrow head shape from black foam. then take a small rectangle that is the length of the first piece and maybe 2/3 the width. fold it in half. then take it and cut it so its like a triangle. take a stinger hook and lay it down the middle of the teardrop piece so the eye is at the point. press hard so it leaves a little indent. put crazy glue in this indent. then put the hook back in it and let it dry. next take that folded triangle piece and lay it over the hook shank so the pointed end is forward. glue it on there like that. its hard to explain, ya just gotta do it. then take the 2' of black boa yarn and attach a dubbing twister to one end and put the other end in the vise. start twisting the twister so that the boa yarn is tightly twisted. then take the en dw/ the tool and bring it up to the vise end. the whole thing should furl and be about a foot long. tie a knot where the open ends are to close it. tie this on at the knot to the hook w/ the head.then put another hook in the vise and tie it to the other end of the boa yarn. then take a couple chunks of scrap foam and cut them to this shape (). then glue one ontop of the second hook. glue another in the middle of the whole thing. finally take the 12lb. mono and tie it to the eye of the second hook and the bend of the first. use good knots! i used palomar knots cuz those are supposed to be the strongest knots ever. youre finally done!

my snake turned out to be 11.5" from nose to tail.
you can also use whatever colors you want, i just chose could use green, white, or brown.
Presentation Tips: fish it around lilies, stumps, shallow water, visible cover, where ever a bass and a snake would encounter eacth other. twitch it a few times, let it sit, then strip it in about a foot, let it sit, twitch, and repeat.

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