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Camo Craw

tied by dsaavedra
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
claws: olive hen back feathers
legs: olive hen saddle feather
back/body: mottled green bohemian yarn
tail: same as claws
Tying Instructions: tie on the two claw feathers splayed out at the front. then place the bohemian yarn inbetween them and tie it down the body so the "working end" of the yarn is on the right, inbetween the claws. then tie in a saddle feather right behind the claws (ontop of tied down yarn). wrap the feather about halfway down the body (to the left). then either trim or mash down the fibers on top and fold the yarn over. tie down the yarn right behind legs. for that fat tapered look on the body, clip off the yarn about half way between where you tied it down for the back and the end of the hook. then as youre wraping down the tag end, wrap lightly at first then start coming down on it to get it to taper. tie on the tail feather. coat the tail and claws in a fixative so they dont get messed up. also coat the back (the part over the legs) in the fixative so its hard and smooth.
Presentation Tips: crawfish.

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