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Rusty Rat

tied by Steelheader69
Fly Type: Hairwing,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Material List:
see tying instructions.
Tying Instructions: 1. Start out by tying in a gold tag. I'm using flat gold tinsel.

2. Tie in some strands of peacock sword. Only need about 4 or so.

3. Tie in some gold oval tinsel and some darker golden floss.

4. Tie in some darker golden floss.

5. Wrap the floss forward first, about halfway up the body. Then evenly wrap the gold tinsel forward and tie off. Lastly, add a piece of the floss used for the body as tag. Just long enough to meet the herls.

6. The body calls for peacock herl. Peacock herl is usually weak, and will break off. What I do is tie in a piece of thin wire (using gold here) and then tie in about 3 pieces of peacock herl. I twist the herl around the wire. That way when you wrap it, won't snap off on you.

7. Wrap the peacock herl forward and tie off.

8. Now the wing. I'm using badger fur, but calls for gray fox guard hairs. Have seen squirrel used too. Tie in, tie off, and trim if any excess.

9. Tie in a piece of grizzly hackle. Prep by pulling apart the feather with your fingers.

10. Do a few wraps of the hackle. Tie off, trim, and finish the head. You have a Rusty Rat.

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