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Fire Foam Ant, V Wing

tied by Josho
Fly Type: Dry,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: Ants/Beetles,
Material List:
Sz. 20 -- 12 Mustad Dry Fly Hook. (Pictured is a 16)
Orange dowel foam sized accordingly. (1/16 - 3/32)
8' Danville's orange thread.
1 strand gold, copper or red tinsel folded flat to form a V
Grizzly or White dry fly hackle
Tying Instructions: Start thread just behind hook eye.
Touching wraps back to just before bend.
Touching wraps forward to ~3/4 hook.
Tie in foam dowel, thorax should be no longer then the length of the hook. Head just beyond eye of the hook.
Make a small "thread shelf"
Tie in V wing.
Tie in hackle, 3 - 4 wraps forward and tie off.
2 wraps between head and hook and whip finish.

Pattern works well in Red and Black as well.

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Fire Foam Ant, V Wing

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