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Burnt Wing Mayflie

tied by JarrodRuggles
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Dia Riki # 14
6/0 Grey
White patride covered withe clear tape- burn to size.................probally will take 2-3 tries.
Yellow dubing

Tying Instructions: Bare with me here..............................

First tye in monofilament, then bring thread back to shank and spin your dubbing. Take your dubbing about 3/4 up the shank, tye off. Carefully position wings upright. take an open flame and just catch the WING on fire, put out as soon as wing is desired size.
Presentation Tips: This is my personal favorite pattern. Works great here in Arkansas during the mayflie hatch.

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