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Smith River Allie Worm

tied by Fishigan
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook: Nymph hook size 10-14
Thread: Black
Tail: Salmon egg yarn(color of your choosing)
Weight: 3.20 gold bead
Body: Fine black chenille
Hackle: Black saddle hackle, slightly oversized, palmered forward.
Tying Instructions: 1)Slide the bead on and up to the eye. 2)Tie in the egg yarn at the tail. 3)Tie in saddle hackle. 4)Tie in the chenille. 5)Wrap the thread forward to the bead. 6)Wrap the chenille forward and tie off. 7)Palmer the hackle forward and tie off. 8)Whip finish. 9)Apply head cement. 10)Let dry, then fish.
Presentation Tips: This was originated by Al Kittredge for Brown and Rainbow trout on the Smith River in Virginia. Recommended presentation is to drift it thru pools.

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