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Fatal Attraction

tied by Fly~Junkie
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: General Bluewater,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
HOOK : Standard Saltwater (Daiichi 2456), #2/0 thru #2

THREAD : 6/0 white Danville

EYES : Silver Bead Chain, sized to hook

TAIL : Silver Flashabou

BODY : Pearl Diamond or Sparkle Braid

HACKLE : White Saddle, 4-5 wraps

WING : White Bucktail, Arctic Fox or EP Fibers

FLASH : Mirage Flashabou; Blue or Olive

TOPPING : Peacock Herl

HEAD : Coat with Hard as Hull or Pearl Easy Shape Sparkle Body
Tying Instructions: Step #1 : Tye in Bead chain eyes 1/4 the way back from Hook eye.

Step #2 : Tye in the Flashabou tail, making the strands hook Shank Length.

Step #3 : Tye in the Sparkle Braid and wrap forward to behind the Bead Chain Eyes

Step #4 : tye in a White saddle hackle by the Tip and wrap the hackle 4-5 times, tye off and carefully wind back over the Hackle stem and Fibers to secure them

Step #5 : Tye in the Wing, measuring it to be slightly shorter the the tail

Step #6 : tye in the Mirage Flashabou on the top of the wing, don't over do it...

Step #7 : tye in a good amount of Peacock herl on top, make sure the tips of the Peacock Herl fibers don't extend too much past the ends of the Tail. wind the thread over the Butt sections of the Peacock herl down to the hook eye, keeping the Herl on top of the head. Whip Finish and clip off the thread.

Step #8 : coat the Head and around the Bead Chain eyes with Hard as Hull (2 coats will be required) or Easy Shape Sparkle body in Pearl (One coat is all you'll need)

The Fatal Attraction is finished.....
Presentation Tips: The FATAL ATTRACTION is a Pattern from Mr. Whistler himself, DAN BLANTON.

Originally designed for Bonito, I've caught alot of different species on this Hottie... It's proven effective for the forementioned Bonito around Southern California, along with Mackerel, Barracuda, Calico Bass..

In Baja it's produced on various species as well...

It's a Must Carry pattern in my Salt Box..

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Fatal Attraction

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