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SCOwens - Like the pattern, will try it as soon as the tailers start showing

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Baboon Crab Fly

tied by barflyfish
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Redfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Crabs,
Material List:
Size 4 Mustad Signature Big Game Light hook
Black flat waxed nylon thread
Hot Orange Polar Fibre
Black Krystal Flash
Black plastic bead eyes
Barred Olive rubber legs
Large Copper Mylar Tubing
Small lead dumbell eyes
40# mono (Weed Guard
Head cement

Tying Instructions: Wrap the entire hook shank and half way into the bend with black flat waxed nylon thread. Cut a clump of Hot Orange Polar Fibre from the "skin", comb out underfur,line up tips and tie on to outside bend of hook directly on top of Crystal Flash. On the INSIDE bend of the hook tie in black plastic bead eyes figure eight style directly across from the hook barb. The eyes I use come from a black bead necklace, but can be substituted with large black mono eyes. Next,on the shank of the hook, just before the bend, tie in four 1" long, barred-olive rubber legs. If you have a rotary vise, turn the fly over for the next step. Leaving some space, figure eight a 1" section of large copper mylar tubing to the INSIDE of the hook shank. (You can substitue Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn for more subdued color variations.)Leaving a gap, tie in another 1" section of large copper mylar tubing. Turn the fly over for the next step.Tie the lead eyes to the TOP of the hook shank directly behind the eye of the hook. Rotate the fly once again.Bend a piece of 40# mono into the shape of a vee and tie in between the dumbell eyes and the closest section of mylar tubing. Whip finish, trim the weed guard, pick apart the mylar tubing and flatten like two frayed wings. Coat all visible thread wraps and the frayed tubing with head cement. Allow to dry and give it a second coat.Trim the body to give it a crab shape and throw at your nearest redfish!
Presentation Tips: Fish like any crab pattern, letting the fish see the fly sink. If that doesn't provoke a take, you can either crawl the Baboon Fly across the bottom or strip quickly like a spoon fly, but stopping occasionally to let the fly sink again.

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Baboon Crab Fly

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