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Stranger wet fly

tied by sukhoidave
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 3906 Size 6
Thread: 8/0 Orvis #63 Camel
Tip: X-Sm Gold Mylar Tinsel
Tail: Dark Brown Duck Secondary
Body: Dark Brown Sculpin Wool Dubbing
Rib: X-Sm Gold Mylar Tinsel
Beard Hackle: Brown Hackle Fibers
Wing: Golden Pheasant Tippet Fibers and Mottled Turkey

Tying Instructions: Standard wet fly construction, the only real trick (if that) would be the golden pheasant tippet and turkey quill wing combination. At first I tried to marry the two but the tippet just kept falling all apart. I just ended up tying in a "slip" of tippets and then the turkey wing quill slips on top of that.
Presentation Tips: standard wet fly

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