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Silver Ranger

tied by CharlieD
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: Atlantic Salmon,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Material List:
Hook: Up eye Atlantic Salmon hook
Tag: Oval silver tinsel & lemon yellow silk
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest and Indian Crow.
Butt: Red Ostrich Herl
Body: Flat silver tinsel and oval silver tinsel.
Hackle: Red from third turn of tinsel with a red throat
Wing: Typical Ranger fashion. Jungle cock with two pairs of Golden Pheasant tippets.
Cheeks: Jungle cock and Chatterer
Topping: Golden Pheasant Crest
Horns: Blue & gold Macaw
Head: Black

Tying Instructions: Drink 2 shots of single malt scottch and start tying!

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