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Phantom Midge

tied by Chad Trout
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Skalka Pupa
Size 16
Thread :8/0 Uni Olive/brown (for Olive Phantom)
8/0 Uni Purple (for Purple Phantom) 10/0 White Gudebrod(for Blue Phantom)
Underbody: Olive Phantom- Green Flashabou, Purple Phantom - Purple Lite Brite, Pearl Phantom - Pearl Blue Flashabou
Overbody: Magic Strech Cord Clear
Wing: Polyproplene Grey on all Phantoms
Thorax: Purple Phantom - Mix of Purple/Black Arizona Semi Seal mixed with Black Leech Dub,
Olive Phantom- Trout Hunter Rusty Olive mixed with Olive Arizona Semi Seal,
Pearl Phantom- Mix of Arizona Spectrum Black and Blue/black sparkle leech dubbing.

Tying Instructions: This pattern's orgins are from England. The original pattern called for a thread body with an overbody of pearl tinsel to give the fly a semi tranparent appearance. Also the the Thorax dubbing used was Olive Star Fire hair Dubbing. I decided to use the magic strechy cord to give it the same tranparent effect and made it a bit more durable in doing this. I mixed the olive dubbings the best I could to acheive the original effect of the fire star dubbing. This pattern is great for tailwaters used as a trailer fly.

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