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Rob's Crayfish

tied by [email protected]
Fly Type: Weighted,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
Thread : Brown Monocord
Hook : Mustad 9672
Sizes : 4,6,8
Body : Grayish Brown Muskrat
Claws : Red or Fox Squirrel Tail
Ribbing : Transparent Medium Amber Swannundaze
Antennae : 8lb. Brown Mono (Maxima Chameleon)
Eyes : Burnt Brown Mono 20lb.
Legs : Brown Speckled Hen
Back and Tail : Bronze Swiss Straw

Tying Instructions: Add lead wire to hook and lacquer (Optional)
1. Tie in Antennae and Eyes
2. Tie in Swiss Straw that will be folded back over body and trimmed for the tail later.
3. Tie in Squirrel Tail Claws
4. Tie in 2 Brown Speckled Hen hackles
5. Tie in Dubbing loop and dub Thorax area of body.
5. Wrap Hen Hackles over Thorax area. Tie in and trim.
6. Tie in Swannundaze behind thorax area
7. Pull Swiss Straw between claws and over thorax area and hen hackles.
8. Tie Swiss Straw down behind Hen Hackles.
9. Tie in 2nd dubbing loop for tail section of body.
10. Wind tying thread towards the tail area.
11. Wrap 2nd dubbing loop to form tail section of body and tie in.
12. Fold swiss straw over tail section and leave enough to form tail fins beyond the hook eye.
13. Wrap Swannundaze toward tail over dubbing and swiss straw and tie off.
14. Trim Tail and lacquer fly head
15. Go Fishing and maintain a firm grip on your fly rod.
Presentation Tips: I originally tied this fly for Bass fishing. I've actually never used it for Bass. I pulled it out of my box one particularly wet spring when I needed a heavily weighted fly in high water for Trout. The Trout loved it ! Particularly in the smaller sizes. I fish it heavily weighted in the riffles of rocky streams. Dead drift or retrieved. Strikes to this fly are viscious and they will hit it multiple times. This fly was featured in the Summer 2006 issue of "Eastern Fly Fishing" magazine.

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