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Pearly Whiptail

tied by Jimmy Aw
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: General Bluewater,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook : Stainless Steel Size 2 - 4.
Body : Diamond Braid & Pearl plastic to form a shell back.
Tail : Marabou braided with pearl Green Angel hair.
Eyes : 3D Eye.
Bib : 50lb mono &
Thread : Clear mono.

Tying Instructions: Tying your own...
1) Tie & braid a marabou feather tail with a mixture of Angel Hair.
2) Secure the tail on the hook shank.
3) Wrap the hook shank with diamond braid to form body.
4) Lead the hook eye area for fly easy to head dive with the swing.
5) Tie on the 50lb mono to form bib.
6) Using Pearl plastic wrapping paper, for a shell back.
7) Paste on 3D eyes & apply epoxy.
8) Apply a thin layer of Epoxy on the 50 lb mono to form bib.

Presentation Tips: I have yet to try this fly in the wild yet. But nevertheless, I am confident that it will work as the same concept as a lure or crankbait.

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