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tied by chrisfish
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
hook: #16 standard dry
butt: Yellow uni thread 8-0
hackle: small brown or blk dry
body: blk uni thread 8-0
wing: dark brn or blk turkey tail
head: red/ orng floss.

Tying Instructions: #build butt end with yellow thread. tie off and clip
#tie in hackle
#build body with black thread.
#wrap hackle forward 3 turns. tie off
#trim top and side hackle off. leaving "legs" on bottom. trim legs to length of hook gap.
#place head cement (high gloss) on turkey tail strip and allow to dry. as if building a nymph casing.
#tie in single wing to top of fly.
#throw 2 half hitches an clipp blk thread.
#build head with red floss and whip finish.
#use a sharpie, blk perm. marker to draw a line around head.
#coat head and wing with high gloss head cement
Presentation Tips: A good immitation of the lightning bugs here in the mid west.
Fish as a wet fly on those beautifull summer evenings
June thru aug.

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