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Midnight Madam X

tied by cornmuse
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
 Hook: Gamakatsu F14 Dry Fly Hook size 6 or equivalent. The Eagle Claw 214ELA in sizes 4 to 10 is also an excellent, and inexpensive, choice.
 Tail: Bunch of black deer body hair (or whatever color you desire)
 Body: Butts of tail covered with black thread
 Wing/Head: Black deer body hair (or color to match tail) tied forward over the hook eye and drawn back to a bullet shaped head
 Legs: One 2” piece of orange or red Sililegs or a strand from a silicone spinner bait skirt looped over the thread at the mid point. Make a solid collar of the tying thread to bind the legs and form the separation between the thorax and the head of the fly

Tying Instructions: More than two decades ago Doug Swisher, famed fly fisherman and angling author, created the Madam X as a quick-and-easy grasshopper pattern for fishing trout on Montana’s Bitterroot River. During the ensuing years the fish-catching productivity and unsinkable nature of the kind madam have made her a favorite of trout fishers and warm water enthusiasts alike. With her generously round curves, hypnotically wiggling appendages, and suave come-hither action, the madam is purpose-built for success. When tied in a plus size with a black dress, Ms. X will be a true killer in this, the year of the 17-year cicada. From the day you read this until the cool days of autumn you can fish the Madam on top, slightly sunk, or on the bottom behind a spit shot. What ever you do, just fish her!

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