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New Red Clock

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Imitation: ,
Material List:
Hook: Standard wet fly
Thread: Yellow Uni
Hackle: Greenwell Hen
Body: Yellow silk
Small thorax & Head: Peacock herl
Tying Instructions: Make sure the thread is cast on somewhat back from the eye to allow for a small thorax and herl head in front of the hackle. Prepare hackle by stripping off unnecessary fibers, stripping higher on the right side of the feather. This should be tied down against the hook shank so the feather points out over the eye.

Wrap the thread down toward the bend and tie on the silk. Wrap the tying thread evenly back toward the eye, just short of the hackle. Form a tapered under-body as you wrap. Wrap the silk toward the eye, stopping where the tying thread is. Tie it off, and trim excess.

Tie on a strand of peacock herl and take a couple turns close to the base of the hackle. Tie off and trim. Bring the tying thread in front of the hackle, then wrap the hackle-two turns. Tie off and trim excess. With the thum and forefinger of the non-tying hand, sweep the hackles back and slightly overwrap the fibers to hold them in position.

Tie on another peacock herl, tie down and trim. Take a couple turns of the herl to form a small head. Tie off and trim.

Form a small thread head, Whip finish and add a drop of cement.
Presentation Tips: Fish using the Leisenring lift or other active retrieve; on the swing, or upstream or down in the film or just under.

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