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Beaded Caddis (gold and black)

tied by madkasel
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Size 16 Caddis Emerger Hook (TMC2487)
3 size 15 (8 gram) glass seed beads (green or gold)
(Note that the smallest beads at most craft stores are 18 grams and FAR too large. I got mine at a specialty bead shop in town.)
Dubbing... either black rabbit with some dark green/olive sparkle blend mixed in, or cream rabbit with some light sparkle blend mixed in.
Black or Yellow thread.

Tying Instructions: Place 3 beads on hook. (I'll often sit at the kitchen table with my boys and we'll all put beads on for awhile as we chatter!)
Put hook in vice with the eye facing slightly down to keep the beads at the eye and momentarily out of your way.
Start the thread partly into the bend (not too far back!) and make a little ball... whip finish and cut thread.
Add drop of super glue.
Reposition hook in vice and start thread again at eye.
Dub on a somewhat thick thorax, being sure to leave a bit of room for the head.
Make a small neat head, whip finish and trim.

This is the only trout fly where I superglue the head... (A) I have the glue out anyway and (B) this fly will hold up for dozens of fish.
Presentation Tips: The black caddis is generally more effective in the spring and the golden in the summer.

I generally fish it as a dropper to a scud. To trigger strikes I let it drift along the bottom and then reach forward on my rod, grab the line and do a steady pull to imitate a rising caddis.

It's my number 1 trout fly, and the fly my son caught his first trout on. (see picture)

Picture is as good as my camera will allow!!

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Beaded Caddis (gold and black)

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