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Ally's Shrimp

tied by mikehemming
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: Atlantic Salmon,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Orange Bucktail for Antennae
Fine Oval Gold Tinsel for Tag and Ribbing
Red Floss or Wool for rear half
Black Floss or Wool for front half
Grey Squirrel tail for underwing and throat
G.P. Tippets for overwing
Orange Hackle
Red Head

Tying Instructions: Tie in tinsel for tag
Tie in Orange bucktail sparsely
Tie in Red and Black floss or wool for rear and front halves of body respectively
Wrap tinsel forward as ribbing
Tie in a small amount of grey squirrell tail above and below, extending about the length of the body.
Tie in two or three G.P. tippets to lay flat along the back.
Tie in Hackle with several wraps and slanted back slightly, like a collar.
Finish with a red head.
Presentation Tips: I just fish this normally, 45 degrees downstream with the current and let it drift. Productive in the Fall.

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