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The Owenmore (Francis)

tied by WaterWolf
Material List:
Tag: Silver tinsel
Tail: Gp Crest and a small Jungle Cock
Butt: Black Ostrich
Body: 5 joints of yellow and black floss alternately, divided by silver thread, and above this on turn of a red hackle, stained light olive; manes of mohair, from the back of each joint, the first darkish claret, second dark red, third dark claret, fourth darker red, fifth a mixture of yellow, brown and red; just under, as a support to each mane, is tied in a feather from the breast of the Indian Crow, increasing in length (as do the manes) as they progress towards up towards the wing
Hackle: Olive, red rump feather of GP tied in on shoulder as a hackle, over that again a turn or two of Eurasian Blue Jay
Wing: Gp Tippet fibers, Gp Tail, Bronze Mallard
Horns: Blue Macaw
Head: Black thread
Hook: Lucas Phillips Limerick #2

Tying Instructions: N/A

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