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Two Tone Stone

tied by Marty Howard
Fly Type: Tube Fly,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Tube: micro plastic
Body: orange and black foam
Rib: grizzly hackle palmered
Wing: Elk
Head: orange and black foam bullet style
Legs: orange rubber legs

Tying Instructions: Step #1: Tie in both the black and orange foam at the rear of the tube. Black on top
Step #2: Tie in the grizzly hackle on top of the black foam with some additional wraps.
Step #3: Pull foam back and move thread forward on the tube to create segments. Then pull the foam forward and secure. Continue this process until you have formed the body. Make sure to leave room for the bullet head.
Step #4: Bring the grizzly hackle forward making the transition to the next segment on top of the black foam.
Step #5 Tie in a clump of stacked Elk hair with the tip extended just past the end of the body.
Step #6: Bullet head, Tie in a strip of orange foam on the bottom and a strip of black foam on the top facing forward. Make sure you secure the foam as close to the end of the tube as you can get. Try to wrap down the tag ends so there is no excess bulk. Then pull both strips of foam back over and secure.
Step #7: Tie in a set of rubber legs on both sides of the bullet head.

One thing that will dress up the fly is to color the tube with an orange sharpie.

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