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Golden Stone

tied by Marty Howard
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Tail/antenna: Antique gold biot
Body: golden dubbing
Over body: Peacock wing feather treated with flex coat.
Rib: Gold wire
Thorax: golden dubbing
Legs: Hen pheasant body feather
Wing case: Treated peacock wing feather.

Tying Instructions: Step #1 take two strips of lead and tie in on the sides of the hook.
Step #2 dub a small amount of dubbing in a ball at the bend then tie in two biots for the tail. Do the same step at the eye of the fly for antenna
Step #3 secure the rib material and a strip of peacock wing for the over body.
Step #4 dub the body, pull the peacock over the top and segment the body with the gold wire.
Step #5 attach the first set of legs and secure a strip of peacock for the wing case. Then dub the first section of the thorax.
Step #6 fold over the first wing case, add another set of legs. Fold the peacock back for the second wing case and dub the second section of the thorax.
Step #7 tie in the last set of legs, dub to the eye and return to the last set of legs, pull over the second wing case and secure.
Step #8 whip over the wing case.

Presentation Tips: I first started tying this fly back in the early 80s to represent the goldens on the Madison. This fly takes some time to tie but is highly effective in the early spring. I also use these same steps to tie a salmon fly nymph. Big fish love big flies, happy tying.

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