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Purple Haze

tied by flytyierforheir
Fly Type: Weighted,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: ,
Material List:
Hook: Dai-Riki #135 Scud/Pupa Sizes 14 & 16

Thread: UTC Grey-Brown waxed 70 deiner

Weight: 0.15(sz16) or 0.20(sz14) Lead wire

Bead: 7/64 Gold or Brass Cyclops

Dubbing: Hairline Dubbin's UV Ice Dub TAN

Tying Instructions: Step1: Place bead (small end first) on the hook sliding it up to behind the eye.

Step2: Make 7-8 wraps with your lead wire, trim tag ends and push the wraps up under the bead.

Step3: Attach your thread, securing your lead wire and creating a thread base 1 hookeye length behind the barb.

Step4: Spin dubbing onto your thread fairly firmly, not using dubbing wax, as to allow the dubbing to be "leggy" like a sowbug.

Step5: Wrap your dubbing so that it tapers twards the bend of the hook.

Step6: Take 3 or 4 threadwraps to tie down your dubbing and whip finish. Head Cement, if prefered, may be used.
Presentation Tips: A KILLER ARKANSAS TAILWATER FLY!!!! (should still work in other tailwaters) The genetic strain of sowbugs in Arkansas have a slight purple tint to them and the trout know it!!! Fish under an indicator 1.5X depth of the water

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Purple Haze

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