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tied by Micktom
Fly Type: Weighted,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
3X long Streamer Hook
Black Thread 6/0
FL Red Estaz
Swiss Straw
Mono Eyes
Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs
Lead Dumb Bell Eyes
Grizzly Barred Chenille
Grizzly Saddle Hackle
Lead Wire
Orange Marabou
Gold Flashabou

Tying Instructions: Wrap the hook wth thread for a base
Tie on Lead Barbell Eyes 1/8" from hook eye
Tie on Lead lengthwise to hook shank not wrapped
Tie Marabou down the bend a little toward hook point
Tie on Flashabou same as Marabou
INVERT HOOK in vise, point up
Tie on Mono Eyes just past hook bend
Tie on Rubber Legs, leave long for now
Tie on Swiss Straw
Tie on Estaz
Tie on Saddle Hackle, webby section is best
Wrap Estaz to 1/3 length from bend, leaving 2/3 hook shank open
Wrap Saddle through Estaz
Tie in Chenille
Wrap Chenille to hook eye over Lead Eyes
Return thread to end of the Estaz
Fold over Swiss Straw
Wrap Swiss Straw into three or four segmented sections
Wrap thread over Swiss Straw at eye of hook
Trim Swiss Straw Leaving small amount sticking past eye for fin
Coat Swiss Straw section with Loon Hard Head or other cement to hold fin upright and protect shellback from abuse
Trim Saddle Hackle flat on bottom and trim rubber legs longer than marabou to simulate antenna and or claws

Presentation Tips: This pattern rides hook point up and usually results in hard takes when retrieved.
Bounced off the bottom with short strips on the retrieve, an effective pattern in rocky bottom river beds where crawdads/crayfish live.

Also makes a great Shrimp pattern, change colors to match and fish same method.

Can be tied without lead eyes and lead wire
Use mono eyes in place of lead eyes

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