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Jointed Marabou

tied by sniksoh
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
#6 streamer hook
#8 streamer hook
15# mono
black marabou
chart. marabou
chart. hackle
dumbell eyes
70 denier thread
Tying Instructions: tie the hackle on to the bend of the #8 size hook. make a dubbing loop and stuff marabou in it, wrap it forward. whip finish and tie off.
tie in the piece of mono on the #6 hook and thread it through the eye of the fly we just got done making. wrap the mono down to make a loop. wrap forward and tie in dumbell eyes. wrap back to the bend and make a dubbing loop. stuff marabou in it and wrap forward. arount the dumbell eyes and tie off. whip finish and whala.

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