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Buffy the Striper Slayer - Perch Color

tied by Sean Juan
Fly Type: Bucktails/Deceivers, General Saltwater,
Target Species: not available Freshwater Bass, Pike,
Recommended Region: not available Northeast US,
Imitation: not available General Baitfish,
Material List:
Thread - Clear Mono

Tail - Bucktail

Flash - Krystal Flash

Spreader - EZ-Body Braid

Wing - Yellow, Orange, Chartruse, Olive Craft Fur

Topping - Peacock Herl

Hook - 5/0 Mustad - for bass I use a shorter shank hook or a circle hook, but pike are more often short strikers so I like the longer shank.
Tying Instructions: Buffy the Striper Slayer is a cool pattern designed by Jeff Smith, which is an adaptation of Rich Murphy's Conomo Special - instead on using two spreaders to sandwich materials the Buffy uses one.

I'm not big on naming conventions in fly tying, but I'd say that the Buffy is a special pattern like the deceiver in that you can use a lot of different materials and still have essentially a Buffy.

Tying its pretty easy

Red over yellow bucktail, add flash as desired

Spreader see attached photos be sure to pull it up to protect the gape of the hook.

Then its simply a matter of shingling the spreader
with SPARCE bunches of fur (For bigger Saltwater Patterns Kinky Fiber works great)

Top with Peacock and add eyes - I like Dolls eyes because they add a tiny amount of noise as well as looking cool.
Presentation Tips: The best thing about the Buffy is that for a large pattern its very light and doesn't use as much material as a simalarly sized fly. This fly I can cast comfortably with a 6wt I have some Buffies which are 10" long tied with yak hair.

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