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Autumn Osprey

tied by Hywel
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Material List:
HOOK - Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi #2051) or Partridge CS10/1 - Sizes #5 through #1/0
TIP/TAG - Fine Oval Silver Tinsel and Red/Orange Glo-Brite Floss
BODY - (blended) HareLine Yellow and Olive Brown STS Trilobal Dub
RIB - Small Oval Silver Tinsel
COLLAR(S) (sparse) BEP under Natural GP Rump
WING - Natural Mottled Turkey
HEAD - Fl/Fire Orange thread
Tying Instructions: n/a
Presentation Tips: n/a

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