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Cat Swimmer

tied by oxquo
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Imitation: Ants/Beetles,
Material List:
Size 10 2x nymph hook, size can vary.

Thread black or brown, size depends on Your hook size but I used 6/0 with no grief. waxed or not, I use kids glue stick for wax.

Kitty fur, peach to tan color for the dubbing

Thin silver wire, could use small holograph wrap

Legs, I use spinner bait body in a crawdad sparkle or black

Back I used both black biots and black balloon or scud backs would work too.
Tying Instructions: I start by tying on the thread atleast an 1/8th from the eye and tie right to where the bend starts. There I tie in My back whether biots or black balloon (I like ballon material because its shiny and doesn't melt with glue) Scud back would work well here too. Next I wax up some thread about 3 inches and dub sparingly. I like to dub almost up to the place I started the thread on and then remove excess dubbing and give about 4 wraps and push dubbing back to form a bit of bulk where My fingers are. Here I tie in the legs, I find tying them slightly facing forward gives Me better action in the water, The legs I cut at 1 1/2 the length of the hook. My success dropped with shorter legs. Now add a bit more dubbing and cross it over and under the legs. just one wrap in front of them should do. Now tie in a thin strand of wire, I have used a bead on these as well but haven't fished those ones yet. Wrap the wire well so it forms an air bubble looking round ball, You are kinda making a bead. Tie it off well and begin to make a bit of a head leaving yourself room to tie the back on but just before You do, trim the excess fuzz on the back and side areas, watch the legs! I wouldn't have mentioned that If I hadn't clipped a couple. Now tie the back over the body tie off behind the eye and glue.
Presentation Tips: As soon as the fly hits the water be ready to strip. I alternate 2 pause, 3 pause, 2 pause 4 pause, but simple quick 2-4" strips followed by short pauses work very effectively. I like to keep the rod low on this retrieve unless the fish are rising then raise it up and work it towards the surface. Out here this is a definite go to fly and the first one on the line. The fly fished very well but if there are perch or other toothy critters in the area, stick to the biots as the rubber may tear in time. I did manage 15 perch, 12 bows and 1 brown and gave the fly to a kid after so it is quite durable. By the way I am a serious beginner and I'm sure You will tie them nicer but they have worked very well. Another alternative was for legs a small bushy strand of marabou. Once again pardon the tying but I tied these about 30 minutes before going fishing.

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