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SmallieHunter - been tying a few of these up for my trip out to Wyoming at the end of August

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Turks Tarantula-Green

tied by flygirl
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Material List:
Hook- Mustad 3906B #4 - 10
Thread - Olive 3/0
Tail -Amherst Pheasant Tail
Rib - Fine Copper wire
Body - Antron/Hare Dark Olive
Underwing - Krystal Flash
Overwing - White Calf tail
Collar - Green Deer Hair tips
Legs - White med. round barred with black marker
Head - Spun & trimmed Green Elk Hair
Tying Instructions: Attach thread 1/3 of shank & wrap back to bend.
Tie in Amherst pheasant tippet fibers.
Tie in Copper wire.
Dub Thread with a heavy ayer of Antron/Hare & wrap forward to 2/3 piont on hook shank.
Counterwrap wire forward & tie off at front of body.
Tie in 3 strands of Krystal flash,double strands over body & tie off.
Cut , clean & stack large clump of Calf tail hair. Tie in so it is equal to body length.
Cut,clean & stack a clump of Deer Hair. Tie in so that the tips end mid length of Calf Tail.
Hold hair tightly as you pull down on thread...this bunch should not spin.
Leave thread hanging at tie down point & tie in rubber legs.
** Tip: Before tying in next clump of hair for the head, pull back rubber legs & wrap a piece of lead arond legs/body to secur them & keep them out of the way when trimming finished fly.
Cut,clean & stack a large clump of Elk hair that will form the head.
Make 2 turns of thread over hair at the center of the bunch & pull down. Hold onto hook as you follow thread through Elk hair causing hair to spin .
Wrap thread forward through the hair.
Add clumps of Elk hair as needed up to hook eye.
Tie off .
Trim bottom of fly flat with a razor blade.
Shape head of fly into a conical shape by bending the raor blade & cutting upward.
Cut legs to length.

Presentation Tips: Fish in moving water close to banks

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