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Carp Rabbit

tied by Ottie
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
#6, 4X long hook
A dark brown magnum zonker strip
Black or Brown sili legs
A small cone head
Medium Gold wire
.03 lead wire
Black rabbit dubbing
Black or brown thread of choice
Tying Instructions: 1) Debarb hook and slide cone head on, and stick on a three inch zonker strip on the hook with about an inch sticking out past the hook bend.

2)Put the hook in the vise and wrap the hook shank with lead wire starting even with the hook point all the way to the cone.

3)start your thread on the lead wire and wrap it to the bend of the hook. Part the rabbit fur to expose the skin and tie it down with 8 to 10 thread wraps

4)wrap in a 5 inch piece of gold wire with the long end pointing out with the tail.

5)start to dub the whole body with black rabbit dubbing

6)pull forward the rabbit strip and tie it mataka style to the cone head (mataka style is widely wrapping the wire around the rabbit strip).

7)Tie off everything at the cone head and tie in two rubber legs per side, trim the legs between the bend of the hook and the end of the tail, then dub the thread wraps and tie off.
Presentation Tips: for carp crawl across the bottom or short strips

you can also dead drift it, or just blind cast with it

it works its best on the bottom
Good for: Smallmoulth, carp, large sunfish, and Largemouth Bass

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