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Green Monster

tied by StuFarnham
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pacific Salmon,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Alec Jackson Heavy Wire Spey (Daiichi 2061) #3
Tag & Rib : Oval silver tinsel
Body: rear 1/2 UTC holo tinsel, green
front 1/2: black dubbing or yarn
Hackle: black coque, one side stripped, over black dubbing
Wing: Green Marabou
Topping: a few strands of pearl flashabou
Collar: teal
Head: black

Tying Instructions: Tie in a base of white thread to just above the point of the hook. Strip one end of the tinsel and tie in; make 4 wraps of tinsel and tie off, leaving the tag to form the rib. Wrap an even thread base forward to the 1/2 point and tie in the holo tinsel. Wrap holo tinsel to tag and back in even wraps. Tie off holo tinsel and trim. Strip one side of a black coque feather and tie in just in front of the holo tinsel. Bring the thread to the return eye, tie off, and cut.
Tie in black thread to finish the fly. Either wrap the thread back to the midpoint, form a dubbing loop, and wrap thread forward, followed by dubbing; or tie in black yarn and wrap to the midpoint and back. Bring the tinself forward so that one wrap falls just in front of the coque; tie off. Wrap the coque forward following the tinsel. Tie off and trim tinsel & coque.
Even up and strip 4 marabou tips; trim to length and tie in for wing. Tie in a few strands of peral flashabou as a topping. Strip one side of a teal flank feather and tie in as a collar. Form a neat head of black thread.

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