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Dark Teal & Pheasant

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook: Standard wet fly
Thread: Black
Hackle: The iridescent feather from the head/neck area of a cock ring-neck pheasant the same color as the body.
Body: A strand of Dark Teal colored (#4046) Kreinik Silk Serica
Tying Instructions: Cast on thread and tie on the prepared hackle so the tip points out, over the eye. Tie on the strand of silk right behind the hackle. Do not wrap the tying thread down the shank. Wrap the silk down the shank and back over itself to form the body. Tie off and trim. With the tying thread behind the hackle, wrap it - taking a couple turns to the rear, and while holding it up, wrap the tying thread through it and in front to wrap the hackle down. Trim excess hackle. While holding the hackle back with the non-tying hand's thumb and forefinger, wrap a couple turns to hold it in a slightly back-swept position. Finish the head and add a drop of cement.
Presentation Tips: Can be fished upstream in the surface or just below. On the swing, using the Leisenring lift, or with an active retrieve.

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