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tied by luvinbluegills
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
#10 Streamer Hook (I used an Orvis 8808 4x long 1x strong; use what you like of proper size)
Kit Fox Tail
White Calf Tail
Gray Dun Hackle (Rounded tips)
Pearl Krystal Flash
3-D Dome Eyes
size 6 White thread
Tying Instructions: Begin by securing two hackle tips to the hook, concave side out for tail.
Wrap hackle forward to the head and secure so the shaft can provide some bulk. Clip excess.
Use a bit of calf tail on top and bottom, tied in just behind head, to provide belly flash and bulk. Calf tail should reach mid point of tail.
On top and bottom of hook, over calf tail, tie a small bunch of Kit Fox tail underfur, slightly shorter than calf tail, and in slightly larger amounts. (Can be allowed to roll a bit over the sides.)
Over this all, on top and bottom, tie a bunch of Kit Fox tail guard hair, on top reaching to the end of the tail with a few hairs, and on bottom reaching just past the bend of the hook.
On each side, tie in several strands of Pearl Krystal Flash, reaching about midpoint of the tail, give or take a little.
Finish the head, and attach dome eyes with a bit of Zap-a-Gap.
Presentation Tips: I wanted a mimic of the ubiquitous Fathead minnow, whose natural range includes every baitstore I've ever been to in the Northeast and Midwest. These materials give this imitation an amazing life-like quality of movement, pulsing with every current in such a way as to suggest the body curvature of swimming.
I find it most effective fished almost dead drift, only interrupting it's path with slight twitches every now and then.
Physically, even with a rapid retrieve, it never loses it's illusion of life, I just find it most effective drifting slowly as an injured fish.
Perhaps your approach will do better than mine!

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