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Ausable Spider

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad R48
Thread: Florescent Red
Hackles: One brown, one grizzly. Brown wrapped first, one turn. Grizzly wrapped in front, one turn.
Ribbing: Fine gold wire
Body: Cinnamon bear dubbed Leisenring style on florescent red thread.

Tying Instructions: Tie on the hackles by their stems so the tips points out, over the eye. Wrap the thread down the shank to the bend and tie on the duubing brush. Wrap the thread back down the shank forming a slightly tapered underbody. Wrap the dubbing brush down toward the eye. Tie off and trim excess. Wrap the hackles-intermixing them- tie off and trim excess. While holding the hackles swept back with the non-tying hands thumb and forefinger, slightly overwrap the hackle fibers to hold them in position. Form the head, whip finish, and add cement.
Presentation Tips: Use as a standard wet fly; with the Leisenring lift, on the swing or upstream or down in the film or just below.

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