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Egg Sucking Stone

tied by flytyer56
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:

Hook: Sz 14 Mustad 3906 B
Weight: 8 Wraps of .015 Lead Free Wire (optinal) or could use a bead.
Tails: 2 Black Goose Biots
Abdomen: Black Poly Yarn
Wing Case: Turkey Tail
Thorax: Orange Ice Chennile - or any other color
Thread: 70 Denier Black.

Tying Instructions: Wrap lead free wire behind the eye, then tie in thread and cover wire and wrap to the hook bend.
Form a small ball with the thread to help seperate biots.
Tie in biots one on each side.
Tie in black yarn and wrap to 1/2 way point, tie off clip excess.
Tie in a small piece of turkey tail for the wing case, then tie in the ice chennile.
Wrap ice chennile toward the hook eye, pulling fibers back after each wrap, tie off and clip excess.
Pull the turkey tail over the top and tie down. Clip the excess and whip finish.
Presentation Tips: Dead drift

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Egg Sucking Stone

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