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Stoned Fly

tied by fishyfranky
Fly Type: Inverted Hook, Nymphs, Weighted,
Target Species: Steelhead, Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 9672 #6
Tail: Black Goose Biot
Body: Black Mohair Dubbing
Rib: 25lb Monofilament
Wingcase: Black Rafia
Legs: Greasy base feathers of Indian Hen Saddle
Antenna: Black Goose Biot
Head: 4mm Hematite bead on pin
Tying Instructions: 1) Refer to Y U Little Bugger for bead,pin attachment to hook.
2) Attach biots for tail.
3) Attach mono at the hook bend going to eye and back again to the hook bend. Wrap mono such that it lays along the side of the shank. This gives some width to the fly.
4) Dub body 3/4 to the eye
5) Wrap mono for rib leaving 1/3 of shank free.
6) Attach rafia for rear wing case, leaving some for thorax and front wing case.
7) Palmer saddle feather for legs.
8) Cover top part of palmered section with rafia to the eye and tye.
9) Fold back rafia for front wing case. Wrap to keep it swept back.
10) Trim both wing cases
11) Attach biots for antenna.
Presentation Tips: This is a bead head version of a pattern that did well for me this year on steelhead and smallies. Its supposed to be a Pteronarcys Dorsata stone fly.

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