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General purpose mayfly nymph

tied by OSD
Material List:
Hook - 3906 8-16
Thread - yellow or primrose
Tail - pheasant golden back feather barbules
Body - Yellow dyed rabbit dubbing
Ribbing - copper thin gage wire
Wing case - mallard flank
Beard - pheasant golden back feather barbules

Tying Instructions: Some call this a hare ear nymph but it doesn’t necessarily need to be tied with Hare or rabbit dubbing, you can use any type or color dubbing to match the mayfly nymphs in your area Also any materials used can also be subsisted for materials that you have or ones that better match the actual nymph you’re imitating

I am using a general propose wet fly hook the fly can be tied with size 8 – 16 but for this picture demonstration I will use the size 8. I am going to tie a yellow mayfly nymph this color will not look this bright once it’s in the water.

Instead of explaining each step I will just post the pictures and you will get the idea

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