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luminous rubber legged dragon

tied by JSzymczyk
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Material List:
Mustad 94831 or equivalent (2xl, 1xf)
tail: fluorescent white marabou
body: luminescent silicone leg or skirt material wound over a tapered thread base
legs: luminescent silicone
hackle: fluorescent white
eyes: XS nickel plated brass hourglass eyes
thread: white or chartreuse
Tying Instructions: variation on the original "rubber legged dragon"

attach eyes with figure eight and under wraps. If planning on using in very shallow water, or a very slow descent is desired, use bead chain instead of brass.

Tie in tail approx the length of the hook shank.

Tie in two strands of round silicone luminescent skirt material- this is found in spinnerbait skirt making supplies- not usually fly tying supplies.

Build a tapered thread underbody almost all the way to the brass eyes. Then over-wrap with the silicone.

Tie in one strand of silicone leg on each side of body behind the eyes- and tighten thread to make them splay out at angles.

Wrap a few turns of hackle right behind the brass eyes, tie off, and whip finish.

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