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Al's Diver

tied by jdavis
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 37160 # 2
Thread: Brown Kevlar
Tail: Tan Marabou, Rainbow Krystal Flash, Small Rabbit Strip, and Mallard Flank
Head/ Collar: Deer Hair
Tying Instructions: This is a pattern from Al Campell.
It is from

Presentation Tips: Al says: "Al's Diver dives due to the shape of the hook and the fact that the eye of the hook points out and up. When you pull on the line, the angle of the hook eye forces the nose of the fly downward. If you keep pulling, the fly keeps diving. When you stop pulling, the hair head causes the fly to float back to the surface. Simple enough, and bass have a hard time resisting the temptation this fly offers.

I'll tell you another little secret. When walleyes are close to the bank in the spring, they will dive on this diver. So will big predatory trout and northern pike. I haven't tried it on anything else, but I'll bet anything that eats small fish or frogs will eat this fly. Maybe I'll get a chance to try it out on catfish this summer. If Mustad made that hook in a stainless version, I'd bet on a few saltwater fish as well."

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