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Woven Stone

tied by jdavis
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 9672 #8
Thread: Black 6/0
Bead: Gold
Weight: Lead wire, thorax area only
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Abdomen: Black and Blue soft wire
Wingcase: Black Thinskin
Legs: Black Rubber Legs
Thorax: Black Sparkle Blend Dubbing
Antennae: Black Goose Biots
Tying Instructions: Put bead on the hook. Wrap 7 or so wraps of lead wire. Attach thread and secure lead wraps. Cover shank with thread to the hook bend, and tie in 2 black goose biots. Keep an even thread base along the abdomen area.
Tie in the soft wire, one color on each side of the hook shank. (Make sure its on the side of the hook, not on the top or bottom)
Shuttle or parallel weave the wire up the abdomen, making sure to tighten the wire wraps as you proceed.
Tie off both the black and blue wire, and tie in the wingcase material. Tie in the rubber legs, and dub the thorax. Bring the wingcase forward and tie off. Add the antennae and whip finish.

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