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Marabou Magnum

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Western Canada,
Material List:
Hook: Size 1/0 to 4/0 long shank streamer hook
of your choice.
Ribbing/body: Light copper wire (This one uses fire orange)
Tail: Black, red and yellow saddles.
Top body: Black, red and yellow marabou.
Thread: Yellow Big Fly Thread.
Tying Instructions: Start with tying on the saddles of the three different colors for the tail.
Then tie on the wire and keep it back from the main body of the fly.
Tie on your first marabou piece back to the wire and begin to wrap the wire around the hook about two wraps behind the first piece of marabou, then about 4 wraps ahead of it. ( Varnish thread with each step)
Then tie in your second marabou of a different color and wrap it tight at the wire.
Again wrap the wire about four wraps in front of the marabou.
Repeat the process with alternating colors until you are at the front of the hook.
Tie off the last feather clump at the front and your done.

Note: When tying in the marabou, make sure to firmly pinch the feathers and tie down firmly on top of the hook shank. This makes sure the feathers don't flare to the sides.
Instead of tying the wire down with each of the consecutive wraps, I snap small vice grips to the end of the wire and let the wire hang tight while i tie in my next piece of feather.
This assures that the wire will remain tight while I tie on my next piece of feather.
Presentation Tips: This is one of the wire based Pike flies I use.
Technically, it's not a traditional Matuka style fly but
is slightly similar in appearance.
With the added weight of the wire body, it gets down a little deeper.
The wire also makes the fly a lot more durable
in the mouth of Mr. Toothy.

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