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Ice Glow Midge

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Material List:
Hook : #14 Royd Black Nickel eye down buzz hook

Thread : 8/0 Uni black thread

Body : #12 M Uni-Glo green

Hackle : Emu hackle natural

Tying Instructions: Put #14 hook in vise and wrap black thread as far down the curve of hook as possible.
I used #14 for pictorial clarity. Smaller sizes would be more appropriate for this midge.

Tie in the uni-glo and wrap black thread back up the hook leaving enough room for hackles.

Wrap uni-glo tightly, making sure to cover black thread tie on before wrapping up the shank to the thread and tie off.
Try to cut off excess from the underside and neatly tie down.

Tie in hackles and wrap thread up to where the head will begin. Wrap emu hackle 1-2 times depending on thickness of hackle. Tie down and snip off excess from the underside of head area.

Form small head with black thread wraps and whip finish with thread snip on the underside.
Finish with cement or varnish on head, taking care not cover or block eye.

I make it in yellow,green,pink and orange. You can omit the hackle and keep the head small for the midge. I have put the hackle on for ice fishing because of the stick cocoon.

Presentation Tips: I mostly use this when ice fishing ( such the name) I needed something to get attention in the darkness when the snow was packed above.
I will marinate them in a ziplock bag of bait scent while in transit. I also use it in the darker stained water in the other seasons.
Sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a little help but REMEMBER you must take them out of the darkness before use and expose them to light or they will not glow in the dark.

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