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E.S. Conehead Bunny

tied by siestafred
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Material List:
Hook: #2 Mustad 3191
Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon
Cone: 1/4" (Large) Hot Orange
Weight: Optional to add lead wire for deeper retrieve
Tail: Chartreuse Marabou Plume
Flash: Pearl or Green Flashabou
Body: Palmered two-toned (Chartreuse & Black) Cross-cut Rabbit
Accent Collar: Golden Olive Estaz Grande
Collar: Chartreuse Estaz Metallque
Tying Instructions: It took about 4-5 wraps of the Estaz Grande to get this effect. Make sure to stroke it back toward the tail when wrapping.
Choose any color combo you want.
Should work for Salmon too, especially Coho.

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