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The Anchor

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Hook- Size 2 long shank streamer hook
Thread- 3/0 uni thread color your choice
Conehead-2 as large as possible ( not tungsten as it's too heavy for this pattern, but you can try it if you like)
Body- Copper wire, your choice of color
Feather- Marabou, your choice of color.
Hackle- Barred, dyed, grizzly saddle of any color.

This pattern has no set colors.
All of them I've tried seem to work well.
Use your imagination.
Tying Instructions: Slip two cone heads onto the hook and keep them at the front.
Tie on the marabou tail.
Tie on the hackle at the base of tail and wrap the thread halfway up the hook shank. Knot and cut thread.
Cement it very well.( Make sure there is a lump of thread at the hackle base for the first cone to push up against.)
Bring the first cone head back and push it against the hackle base.
Then tie in a new thread wrap after the cone and tie in some wire from front to the cone.
Bring the thread to the front again.
Wrap the wire up to the cone at the front and tie off, leaving room for the next marabou and hackle.
Tie in a small bunch of marabou at the head of the wire and then a hackle at the front of the marabou.
Wrap it again so there is a good tapered lump of
thread finishing behind the cone head. Tie off and cement well.
Push the cone at the front right back so it is against the hackle and marabou ( It should appear as though it's pushing it back).
Tie in a colored thread at the e4ye of the hook in front of the cone, building it up tight against the cone eye and tapering down to the hook eye.
Cement well and your finished.

Presentation Tips: This pattern is the heaviest of any I have tied.
Note: The cone head at the rear in my experience, does not interfere in hooking the fish.
With two cones and a wire body it sinks almost as fast as a jig.
I use a nine weight outfit for the size 2 pattern shown
as well as a heavier tippet. With this fly, finesse is not
a priority.
I use this one on large, fast rivers for pike, walleye and goldeye. I'm sure it would work for bass as well.
I also use it on pike lakes, fishing it through deep weed beds.
It is best fished with a quick, stop and go, hopping retrieve.
In a boat, at the end of the retrieve, make sure to hold the fly in the water and
pause for a second. I have lots of close up hits this way.

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